Steps to Connect Brother Printer to WI-FI

The brother MFC L2700DW printer is an in-demand and famous machine that can perform many functions at the same time like copying, printing, and scanning. It also offers a great characteristic that it can be connected wirelessly that is through a Wi-Fi connection. So whether being used for official purposes or at home, people connected with one network can access the Brother MFC L2700DW printer with full efficiency.

However, with the advancement of technology, it may not always be possible to be aware of the setup of techniques of any machine. Today we are here to answer the common question, ‘How to Connect brother printer to Wi-Fi.’ The steps to connect the printer to Wi-Fi need to be learned from the technical website. Being your best virtual technical guides, we ensure that you get the easiest steps to connect brother printer to Wi-Fi. Follow the steps given below to support the brother MFC L2700DW printer Wi-Fi issue.

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Steps to Connect Brother Printer to WI-FI

Before we start the process, make sure that the Wi-Fi connection is available to you. Note the name of the connection (SSID) and the password which is the network key.

Switch ON the brother printer- Connect the power cord which is at the back of the brother printer to the power socket. Press the power button and turn on the printer. The power button is present on the right-hand side.

  1. Click on the menu button- 

On the printer, there is a menu button located on the bottom right. Click on the menu button.

  1. Select the network and press OK-

By using the arrow keys located on the printer for selecting the options and go up and down, select the network option and press the OK button.

  1. Now choose WLAN and press OK-

After selecting the ‘’network” option use arrow keys to go up and down and choose the WLAN key. This Step is only limited to brother machines.

  1. Now select the option of Setup wizard-

After choosing the WLAN option click on the setup wizard.

  1. Enable the WLAN

The screen will prompt WLAN to enable. Select the YES option. The wireless setup starts.

  1. Choose the Wi-Fi name

All the available networks will be provided which are present in your area. Choose your network with the arrow keys and press OK.

  1. Enter the password and click OK

Once you choose your Wi-Fi network, enter the password and your connection will be enabled. If the Wi-Fi connection is open then it will automatically connect on clicking once.

  1. If the connection is successful It will show connected and a WLAN report will be printed. If the connection is not met, repeat the above-given steps. The Wi-Fi button flashes green light on the screen.

Congratulations! You have conveniently connected your brother MFC L2700DW printer to Wi-Fi. Now you can print from anywhere within the connection range. If you have not downloaded the printer driver software, make sure to download it first so that your computer or Laptop can access the Brother MFC L2700DW printer. Connecting the brother MFC L2700DW printer to the Wi-Fi makes printing more easy and convenient.

The above-given steps to connect brother MFC L2700DW printers to Wi-Fi are strictly guided by professional technicians. These are a hundred percent result-oriented. Make sure that the Wi-Fi has a suitable range to ensure successful printing. Also, there should be no fault in the printer or the power cable to avoid an unsuccessful connection. Happy Printing!

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