Windows 11 has been released a few weeks ago and many users around the world have now updated their desktop and laptop computers with the latest version of the Windows OS, which provides them with several new features. 

But we all know that with every new software release there come reports of bugs and glitches that may affect different consumers in different ways, and now some users are unable to use their Brother printer even after updating to Windows 11.

Brother has confirmed many issues that are affecting many of the company’s printers on the devices which are running on the Windows 11 operating system. According to Brother, the reasons behind this can be that the operating system may not be able to detect the printer correctly if the printer is connected to the device via USB.

Brother has recommended using a different connection method if it is available to you to resolve the issue. Printers might support connections via Wi-Fi or maybe through other ports, for e.g. printer ports and not USB.  

Users are advised to connect their printers using other means

The support article which was recently posted by the printer manufacturer states that when you have updated to Windows 11 you could observe that your operating system may find it difficult to detect your Brother machine when it is connected via USB.

You may also be unable to change the settings of your printer or to connect more than one printer by using USB.

When the printing users of 106 different printer models may receive an error from the “USB Connection Repair Tool,” stating that the, “Can’t print to the USB printer”.

Another aspect can be that your manufacturer emphasized is that USB-connected printers will not be able to get communicated with other printing utilities in Windows 11, which includes-

  • Device Settings Tool
  • Paper Size Setup Tool
  • Distributed Print Tool
  • Special ID Setting Tool
  • Wireless Setup Wizard
  • P-Touch Editor 5.4
  • Update Software
  • Transfer Manager
  • Transfer Express
  • Template Settings
  • Printer Setting Tool

For some time the users who all are affected with this are told to temporarily use another connection method, such as they can use a wireless or wired network connection. Till the time the company is working and investigating the issue and trying to find out a quick resolution.

Don’t worry if Microsoft didn’t acknowledge these printing issues, as they are trying to place a safeguard hold on the computers with Brother devices that can prevent them from being upgraded to the Windows 11.

The tech giant is already working and investigating this issue and also eight other issues including- safeguard holds for networking software, Oracle VirtualBox, the Cốc Cốc web browser etc.

Below we have mentioned some of the printer models which are affected by this situation:

  • DCP-B7500D
  • DCP-B7535DW
  • DCP-J1050DW
  • DCP-J1100DW
  • DCP-J1140DW
  • DCP-J1200W(XL)
  • DCP-J572DW
  • DCP-L2531DW
  • DCP-L2535D
  • DCP-L2535DW
  • DCP-L2550DW
  • DCP-L3510CDW
  • DCP-L3551CDW,
  • DCP-L5500D,
  • DCP-L5600DN,
  • DCP-T220,
  • DCP-T310,
  • DCP-T420W,
  • DCP-T510W,
  • DCP-T520W,
  • DCP-T710W,
  • DCP-T720DW,
  • DCP-T820DW,
  • DCP-T825DW,
  • HL-B2000D,
  • HL-B2080DW,
  • HL-L2310D,
  • HL-L2335D,
  • HL-L2350DW,
  • HL-L2351DW,
  • HL-L2370DN,
  • HL-L2375DW,
  • HL-L2376DW,
  • HL-L2385DW,
  • HL-L2386DW,
  • HL-L2395DW,
  • HL-L3210CW,
  • HL-L3230CDN,
  • HL-L3230CDW,
  • HL-L3270CDW,
  • HL-T4000DW,
  • MFC-B7715DW,
  • MFC-J1010DW,
  • MFC-J1300DW,
  • MFC-J2330DW,
  • MFC-J2730DW,
  • MFC-J3530DW,
  • MFC-J3930DW,
  • MFC-J4340DW(XL),
  • MFC-J4440DW,
  • MFC-J4540DW(XL),
  • MFC-J491DW,
  • MFC-J5330DW,
  • MFC-J5730DW,
  • MFC-J5845DW,
  • MFC-J5930DW,
  • MFC-J5945DW,
  • MFC-J6530DW,
  • MFC-J6545DW,
  • MFC-J6730DW,
  • MFC-J690DW,
  • MFC-J6930DW,
  • MFC-J6935DW,
  • MFC-J6945DW,
  • MFC-J890DW,
  • MFC-L2710DW,
  • MFC-L2713DW,
  • MFC-L2715DW,
  • MFC-L2716DW,
  • MFC-L2730DW,
  • MFC-L2750DW,
  • MFC-L2751DW,
  • MFC-L2770DW,
  • MFC-L2771DW,
  • MFC-L3710CW,
  • MFC-L3735CDN,
  • MFC-L3745CDW,
  • MFC-L3750CDW,
  • MFC-L3770CDW,
  • MFC-L5700DN,
  • MFC-L5755DW,
  • MFC-L5900DW,
  • MFC-L6700DW,
  • MFC-L6900DW,
  • MFC-L8690CDW,
  • MFC-L8900CDW,
  • MFC-L9570CDW,
  • MFC-T4500DW,
  • MFC-T810W,
  • MFC-T910DW,
  • MFC-T920DW,
  • MFC-T925DW

Our technicians are trying their level best to resolve this issue by disconnecting the USB connection, by removing the printer and the driver itself by using the Device Manager, restarting Windows 11, installing drivers new and connecting the printer again via USB.

In case the issue is not fixed. Call us on our Toll Free number To get it Fixed ASAP.

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