Does the envelope printing problem exist in brother printers?  Follow these Simple Steps to solve it now.

Brother printers are one of the most efficient and trustworthy products existing in the market. The setup of printers is such that the only task they cannot perform well is envelope printing. The edges of the envelopes roll down when taken out of the printer machine.

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Steps to Fix Envelope Printing Problem in  Brother Printer

  • Make sure to set the printer at envelope mode:
  • Most people are not aware of the different properties of the products due to lack of knowledge, so while printing the envelopes, they do not switch the mode, which majorly hampers the process.
  • To change the printer to envelop mode, the two levers beside the green one, present behind the backdoor of the printer, needs to be set down.
  • To obtain Perfect wrinkle-free envelopes, set the printer at the required mode.
  • Make sure to put the printer back to the normal mode so that there is no problem faced while printing the regular sheets.
  • Check the compatibility of the printer
  • There are different variations of the brother printer. At maximum, the printer can print only one envelope, and some are not even capable of that.
  • If envelope printing is your priority, check the printer before buying it.
  • Purchase the high-quality printer and read the manuals before buying because the company cannot be blamed afterward for the clause it already mentioned in the manual.
  • If you lost your manual or do not know whether the printer is compatible with envelope printing or not, call customer care services and elaborate your problem to get solutions.
  • Check the ink ejector.
  • The primary reason for the envelope problem can be the ink boxes. Either there is no ink in the ejector, or it is not fixed correctly in the printer.
  • Size of the envelope: Too big or too small dimensions of the envelopes can lead to improper printing. Make sure you use the size of the envelope that is compatible with your printer.
  • Over-stacking of envelopes: Do not stuff the machine with multiple envelopes at a time. Put one envelope at a time or the paper may get stuck in the rollers and damage the printer permanently.
  • Placing the envelopes: Make sure to place the envelopes on the tray with their face upwards, and they should be sealed ones because the open envelopes can hinder the printing process.
In case the issue is not fixed. Call us on our Toll Free number To get it Fixed ASAP.

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