How to fix a communication error on Epson printer

Epson is one of the prestigious and convenient printer brands that offer great quality printing. They are so suitable that you can print almost anywhere. Epson printers are known to be all-rounders as they can perform so many functions at the same time. One printer can do numerous functions like printing, scanning, copying, and fax. They can be used at our homes, offices, etc. and the print quality is very fine. 

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Despite the exceptional productivity which the Epson printers provide, some people may still face issues in the printer and find various ways how to fix a communication error on the Epson Printer. Well, you are on the right platform then. In this article, we will explain to you how to fix a communication error in the Epson printer. Please note that these solutions are advised by the professionals and will clear all your doubts. 

Is your printer giving out faded and unclear printouts? Does your printer get paused again and again? Or are you receiving the message that the printer has been disconnected? These problems arise because your Epsom printing is facing a communication problem with the computer or the laptop. In such situations, professional steps are required to be followed for how to fix a communication error on Epson Printer. 

Some common reasons for Communication errors on Epson printers- 

Firstly, we need to understand the common grounds for Epson printer communication errors which are as follows-

  • Any fault in the power socket. 
  • The power cable may have cracked or loosened up. 
  • The cable connection may be loose. 
  • Network connectivity problem in the wireless Epson printer. 
  • Hardware issues. 
  • Problem In the printer’s driver. 

Steps how to fix a communication error on Epson printer- 

Now let’s see some important steps for how to fix a communication error on the Epson printer-

  • Uninstall the Epson Printer– 

Go to the control panel and then to devices and printers. From there find out your Epson Printer and uninstall it. This will remove old drivers from the computer. 

  • Re-install the Epson Printer- 

Search the Epson Website and download the drivers on your computer or laptop by going to the download section. Press the downloadable file and then install the drivers. Follow the instructions which appear there. Restart the PC after the process has been done.  

  • Inspect the Cable connections– 

Switch off both the PC and the printer. Now carefully inspect whether the Epson printer is properly connected to the power socket and all other wiring is done properly and then turn ON both the devices. 

  • Re-check the Network Connections– 

Firstly check the IP address of the printer and try printing the configuration page given in the control panel which will display the IP message. In case there is a duplicate IP message then update the IP address of the printer. Go to the control panel and select the troubleshooting button. Then run the network test by going to the network diagnostics in the network problems. If the results show asks to contact the network manager, then contact your technical person for further help. 

  • Run the troubleshooter of the printer

In the control panel select the troubleshooter by going to the hardware and sound option. Now troubleshoot the printer and if everything seems good follow the steps which appear on the screen. 

  • Reset the Printer– 

Try to re-set the Epson printer. Download the file, run it and press on the re-setter button to fix the errors. 

These are the ways how to fix a communication error on the Epson printer. These are 99% result-oriented but for once even if you face any error then you may consult technical support for extra assistance. 

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