How do I get my printer out of error state?

If you are a regular printer user it may be quite that you come across some errors related to the printer. Daily usage might bring the printer in an error state. Since machines cannot be perfect all the time, so there must be some wear and tear caused which makes the printer enter an error state. 

Some common errors faced by a printer are- 

  • An Error message prompts whenever a print command is given. 
  • There may be a system issue that is blocking the printing and showing an error. 
  • The printer may become unresponsive. 
  • The quality of the printouts has been degraded. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the solution to the common question, “How do I get my printer out of error state?” There are a few simple steps by which you can resolve this issue. If the issue is not that major then the problems can be solved by the below-given solutions. If there is some other issue then kindly get your printer checked by technical support. Note that the below-given methods are strictly guided by the professionals for ‘How do I get my printer out of error state?’ So these will most probably solve the printer’s error. These solutions are common for all the printers like- HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson. 

Solutions for How do I get my printer out of error state?

  • Check the connection of the device.
  • Restart the device and the printer. 
  • Re-install the printer driver.
  • Contact the technical support or printer’s manufacturer. 
  • Check the connection of the device-

If your printer enters an error state try these basic steps and check if they might work. Inspect the connection of the laptop or computer and the printer. Make sure the wiring is done correctly and no connection is loose. If there is any faulty wire then replace it. If the network is wireless or by Bluetooth, then make sure these connections are accurate. 

  • Re-start your printer-

Sometimes the issue can be fixed by re-starting the computer. Moreover, you can turn off the complete system (computer as well as the printer) and leave it as it is for a few minutes. Ten re-start it and check if the error is gone. 

  • Re-install the printer driver- 

The printer may enter the error state due to some fault in the driver of the printer or the driver may become incompatible. To fix this you can update to the new version of the printer driver. Also if there is no new update available, consider re-installing the driver. 

  • Change the port settings- 

Press the start key and R button on your keyboard and then type devmgmt.msc and enter key to open the device manager. Click the view and go to ports. In the properties select use any interrupt assigned to the port. Click enable legacy plug and play detection and press OK. Then reboot the computer. 

  • Make sure your printer is online-‘

Do check if your printer is online. It may turn offline by any vague issue. Open the control panel on your computer and go to printers and devices. Select the printer and check if its status. Select online in case it is on offline mode.  

  • Contact the technical support or printer’s manufacturer-

In case you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and still not able the fix the error state of the printer, then contact the technical support or the manufacturer of the printer. They will let you know the root cause of the problem and also if the printer needs to be replaced. 

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