How to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to WiFi

Imagine how efficient would it be to print wirelessly! The great Canon MG2900 Printer lets you execute wireless printing quite effortlessly by connecting it to the WiFi. The user manual which is provided along the printer has referable steps for doing the same. Alternatively, you can learn about How to connect Canon MG2900 Printer to WiFi through the information given below. 

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Process of How to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to WiFi

In this article, you will learn How to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to WiFi. Being your best Virtual Technical guides, we are here to explain to you the easiest way how to connect the canon MG2900 printer to WiFi. Connecting the canon MG2900 printer to the WiFi helps you to print, scan or copy any kind of documents wirelessly. This is the best way to print almost effortlessly. So let’s go deep into the process of making the connection. 

The foremost thing is to check the pre-requisite steps. The first step is to make sure if the printer is set up in a device like a PC or a Laptop for use. The printing sheets or the paper should be carefully guarded in the input tray and the cartridge is required to be installed accurately. The latest version of the printer drivers is to be downloaded and therefore install the printer along with the steps appearing on the screen of the device in which you are installing. 

Two different ways to connect wifi

The process of how to connect the Canon MG2900 printer to the WiFi can be completed in two different ways. The first being via WPS and others through the standard form. 


The printer needs to be kept near the WiFi setup. Long press the WiFi button on the printer and stay till the alarm lamp flashes. Press the WPS button in the next two minutes immediately and wait till the blue light giving Wi-Fi signal starts. This way the network settings are confirmed. 

Now turn on the Canon MG2900 printer and make sure an A-4 sized sheet is inserted in it. The Resume and the Cancel button are to be pressed simultaneously till the alarm lamp is flashed 15 times. Then release both the buttons. Now the test-print page will get printed.  This is the complete process to connect the Canon MG2900 printer to the Wi-Fi through the WPS method. 

Note- If the installation disc is unavailable, and then visit the manufacturer’s website or follow the steps given in this article for how to connect the Canon MG2900 printer to the Wi-Fi.


The standard method is executed using Canon Wireless Direct. This can be done even if there is no router with an active internet connection. The printer is required to be kept near to the laptop or computer. Change the LAN settings of the printer. Then press the Wi-Fi button until the Wi-Fi button light is flashed. Also, press the black button until the ON light is flashed and the Wi-Fi button is switched on. Now press the black button once to complete the whole process.    

Note- Change the printers setting to wireless LAN. To do this press the Wi-Fi button until the light is flashed to ensure that the settings of the printer have changed correctly. This was the detailed process for how to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to Wi-Fi. 

Now let’s sum up the whole process of How to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to Wi-Fi- 

  • Switch the connection mode by pressing the Wi-Fi button till the light is flashed. 
  • Long press the Wi-Fi button until the light of alarm button is ignited. 
  • The connection will switch according to the flashes. 
  • Release the Wi-Fi when the third flash is completed. 
  • Change the network settings.
  • To connect using the WPS, press and hold the Wi-Fi and alarm button simultaneously until the Wi-Fi button is completely flashed. 
  • The Wi-Fi and the ON button will flash in the next few minutes. 
  • The above step will confirm the setup of the printer. 

Enjoy your wireless printing by the above-given procedure on how to Connect Canon MG2900 Printer to Wi-Fi.  

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