How to find brother printer IP address?

Brother is a famous brand name and is extensively used for printers and computer equipment. These printers are mostly used in homes and for official work as well. These printers give out an efficient service being very cost-effective. So they are the best choice for businessmen who are a bit cost-conscious. Brother printers can be attached to the wireless or Bluetooth networks.

Sometimes due to the regular usage of the brother printer, there may exist some problems or the printer may stop working. Thus it is very important about, How to troubleshoot the printer? The first and foremost step to check the printer’s problem is to know the IP address. So the common question which arises here is ‘how to find brother printer IP address?’

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In this article, we are going to explain to you few easy steps on ‘how to find brother printer IP address?’ These solutions are given by professionals, so in most cases, they will help you to find out the IP address of the brother printer so that you can detect the problem in your printer.

How to find brother printer IP address?

Standard Method-

Find the printer model name with the help of your network administrator. Every printer has its unique name. So to move forward with other steps, find out the name of the printer. 

Switch on the computer. Press the start and R keys to open the Run shortcut. Type ‘CMD’ (capital letters) in the box and press the OK button. Then there will be a prompt. Type Pingprintername on the prompt window. Note down the IP address which will be presented on the screen.  In case the network name is not available, then press the ‘GO’ button available on the printer three times to print the configuration page. The configuration page which will be printed will have all the information about the printer as well as the IP address.

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For the QL-720NW and QL-810W brother printers-

Make sure that the printer is switched ON and the printing sheets are loaded. Press the Cut button and wait till the printer starts printing the labels. The printer will print several labels (depending on the model of the printer). The IP address will be mentioned in the printed document. if the printed sheet shows a label reading of, it means that the printer is not connected or is having some issue with the network.

For the QL-820NWB Brother printer-

Make sure the printer is turned ON and has printing sheets loaded in it. Press the menu button and move to the navigate button and click OK. Then select the WLAN status. Select the Infrastructure mode and there will be an instant representation of the connection setting of the network. The IP address is listed in the third place and notes it down carefully. If the reading says then the printer is not having a connection with the network.

These are the processes for “how to find the IP address of Brother Printer?” The IP address which is assigned to the printer is to be on exactly similar networks as the host computer or the device connected. Sometimes the IP address of Wireless connections keeps on changing due to DHCP lease (it assigns IP address). There are also options available to change the IP address of the printer.  We hope that the steps for how to find brother printer IP address are clear to you. Being your best virtual technical guides we try to bring all the latest solutions to technical problems. 

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