Brother Printer Won’t Turn On – No Power – Troubleshooting

Many customers, at some point, face issues with the Brother printer not switching on.

If you are facing the same problem, don’t get frustrated. There might be various reasons due to which your printer is not working. It may include damage to the power button might be. Hardware problems may exist, some cable problems or loose connections, paper jams, empty cartilages might be some reasons as well.

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10 Steps To Solve Brother Printer No Power Issue

  1. Reconnect the power cable: Disconnect the cable and reconnect it, las lose connections the device might have some errors. Make sure that yo the ports are properly connected from both ends.
  2. you follow the below said steps, probably you can get your brother printer in the functional condition:
  3. the cable from the printer as well as the computer.
  4. For 2-3 minutes and blow some air with your mouth on both sides of the cable.
  5. Connect the cable to both ends and then try to switch on the switch.
  6. Check the attachment pieces of equipment: If the materials through which you attach the printer to the computer are not in the working conditions, so check the cable before connecting it to the printer. If the wire is working, but still the printer is not working, check the power button of the printer. If that is the reason, get the printer exchanged as soon as possible.
  7. Properly clean the printer: Sometimes, due to internal short circuits, the cartilages leak and hinder the functioning of the printer, so make sure you clean the printer and try switching it on once again.
  8. Overused cartilages: If the cartilages dry and you are still using them, there is the probability that the internal system of the printer gets overheated and catch fire. To disconnect the power for an hour and so. After that, switch on the printer and check if the issue is resolved or not.
  9. Disconnect the USB: There is a USB connection at the back of the printer, so remove it and try switching on the printer. Check if the brother printer starts working correctly or not.
  10. Check the paper tray: Make sure that the papers don’t hinder the functioning of the brother printer if the plate is not attached correctly, probably the printer won’t switch on.

The above are the ways to switch on the brother printer, if still, it is not in the working condition, retry the steps properly once again.

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