Forgot Brother Printer’s username and password? Need not to stress, this article can recover the username and password of your brother printer without any problem. 

Discovering the Brother Printer default username and password isn’t troublesome. The Brother printer accompanies a certain default password and username so everybody can feel free to finish their overall tasks with these. If someone needs to keep their data secure, at that point they can generally change the username and password and keep the data safe. 

Follow the  methods in the article below and recuperate the username and password of your brother printer in a short range of time.

How to Reset Brother Printer Username and Password?

To reset brother printer username and password go to your login area and enter the default username and password and in the Administrator tab click login and enter a new password.

The default login password to oversee printer settings is either: 

  • Initpass” Or then 
  • The password situated on the back or lower part of the printer preceded by “Pwd

How to Find the Default Password for Brother’s Printer 

In General Brother Printer’s Default User Name – user and Password – access2. 

  1. Click on the start button on your computer.  
  2. Select All Programs on Desktop. 
  3. Next, select Brother printer, MFC-XXXX or  MFC-XXXX LAN, and Remote Setup.
  4. Enter your password (Given Below) if your printing machine is associated with a Network. you have to enter your password.
  5. Mostly the default password for brothers printer models is “access”. 
  6. You can likewise utilize BR Admin Light or Web-Based Management to change this password. 
    1. For USER:
      1. User Name – user
      2. Password – access2. 
      1. User Name – admin
      2. Password – access

Usually, you will find this as the default username and password on most Brother printers.

Brothers Printer WiFi Password

In case you don’t know the wifi password, then check the backside of the modem. Once you get that now connect your printer with the wifi and to do that follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Control Panel and hit the Menu button. 
  1. Choose Settings or scanner and driver now. 
  1. Also, make the choice, all settings. 
  1. Scroll downwards to Network and press Ok. 
  1. Again, move downwards to Network reset and press the Ok symbol. 
  1. Press 1 to state yes. 
  1. Confirm the reboot by pressing 1 once more. 
  1. Your brother’s printer will begin rebooting. 
  1. The printer will demand you to set up Wi-Fi after the restart is done. 
  1.  Press Ok multiple times and start Setup Wizard. 
  1. Now you should pick your Wi-Fi Network. 
  1. Select No in the event that you are provoked to utilize WPS. 
  1. Enter your Wi-Fi password. 
  1. Hit Ok and 1 for applying the changes. 
  1. You will at that point see the Connection Ok report which will guarantee a reset of the password.


We have discussed some ways to reset the default username and password of your brother printer. I hope these above-provided methods will work out for you.

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