How to setup wireless printer-

It is quite simple to connect a printer with wires. It just involves two simple steps that are connecting the printer to the power socket and connecting the computer/laptop to the printer. While connecting a wireless printer, there are some technical steps involved which are not that easy. They need to be learned accurately from a well-informed website. The printer runs very smoothly on a wireless connection but the connection process may seem complicated. 

There is more than one type of option available for wireless printing. These are Bluetooth-enabled printers; infrared connections enabled printers and Wi-Fi printers. In this blog, we will majorly shift our focus to Wi-Fi printers. 

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There is more than one way to connect Wi-Fi printers. In this article, we will try to cover most of the important information. So here we are to answer the commonly asked question, ‘How to Setup Wireless printer.’ 

Benefits of connecting a printer to Wi-Fi –

  • Print from any computer or device connected to the printer. 
  • Smooth and fast printing. 
  • Can also print from your android or iOS device like a cell phone, tablet, iPad, etc. 

Steps to connect wireless printer-

Step-1-Place the printer in the range of Wi-Fi connection-

Your printer needs to be in the range of the Wi-Fi connection or the wireless router. Most printers have Wi-Fi options which you can set up without connecting them to the computer.

Step-2- Connect the Printer to the power socket and switch it ON-

Since we are making a wireless connection, there is no need to connect the printer to a computer. Connect the printer to a power socket and switch it ON.

Step-3 Connecting the printer to the Wi-Fi –

Firstly you need to know the name of the Wi-Fi connection (SSID) and the password (network key).

  • Mostly the printers will allow the wireless connection with the in-built system. You need to refer to the set-up guide of the printer for that. If you are not able to find the manual then you can find you can download it from the manufacturer’s website 
  • If both the printer and the Wi-Fi support the WPS connection, then simply switch ON the WPS button on the printer and then press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router after 2 minutes and the connection will be made. 
  • Some printers require the printer to be connected to the printer first to set up the connection initially. Connect the printer to the computer through a cable wire and use the prompts to set up the printer. After the wireless configuration has been made, you can place it anywhere. 

Step-4 connect the printer to the windows-

Open the control panel in the start menu. Select devices and printers option. Then go to add a printer option. Select your printer’s name. Then install the drivers as the prompts will appear. Most of the printers install the drivers automatically. 

Step-5 In case you are using Mac-

If the printer is compatible with Mac you can add it to the network. Click the menu and go to system preferences. Go to the print and scan option. Now press the + button and select your printer from all the available options. 

Step-6 Print a sample document-

Once the printer has been added to your device, you can choose any document to print as a sample document. If the printer is not showing then restart it or connect it to the network again. 

So these were steps for how to set up a wireless printer. We being the best virtual technical guides always bring the best steps for you. Now you can easily connect your printer wirelessly.

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