Where to find WPS pin on HP Printer?

While connecting the HP printer on a device that runs with Windows 10, your screen will receive a prompt asking to ‘Enter the WPS Pin for HP printers.’ The first step while installing the HP printer on a server using Windows 10 is to enter  WPS pin, so the WPS is mandatorily required as the connection is to be made to a wireless device. The WPS pin is required because HP

Printers use WPS technology to connect with the wireless gadgets. WPS is present-day technology that is used by various devices as a mode of communication with each other. The WPS is way much better than a USB connection and has many benefits over it. It creates a safe and guarded connection among various devices. It is also faster than a USB connection. 

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What is the WPS pin? 

Before going deep into the topic, we first need to understand ‘What is the WPS Pin?’ WPS pin is a unique 8-digit code generated by HP printers to set up a wireless connection with a router. It acts as a secret identification number among the devices. It protects and safeguards the printers from vague or unknown users in the surroundings. The WPS technology will be used by each printer company in the near future. This is the significance of a WPS pin in a printer. 

Where to find the WPS Pin on HP Printer? 

The question which arises mostly is ‘Where to find the WPS pin on HP printer?’ While installing the HP printer on a Windows 10 device, it prompts to ask for the WPS pin. Thus it is important to know ‘Where to find the WPS pin on HP printer.’ In the majority of the HP printers, the WPS pin is mentioned on the printer screen. There is a small screen on the printer if you look at it and the WPS pin is available on it. It is generated for a wireless connection. Some printers which do not have a screen need a WPS pin too. So in the next few verses, you will learn ‘Where to find out WPS pin for all HP printers’ 

There are 2 types of WPS connections for HP printers. Usually, every HP printer has options to print wirelessly. 

1. The push button for non-screen printers. 

2. WPS pin for printers that have a screen. 

Ways to Connect HP printer via WPS button- 

For HP Printers which do not have a screen, use this method to develop a stable connection. 

  1. Switch on the printer. In case it is already ON, restart it. 
  2. Press the wireless icon button. You can easily find it by looking at the printer. 
  3. The blue or green light will start to flash. 
  4. At the backside of your wireless router, the WPS button is available. 
  5. Press the button (WPS) and hold it till the light starts blinking. 
  6. Wait till both the lights of printers and router stop flashing. 
  7. Now the wireless connection is stable and the printer is ready to use. 

For using a HP printer with a screen-

  1. Turn On the printer and in case it is already ON then re-start it. 
  2. Go to the control panel or press the wireless button on the printer. 
  3. Wait till the blue light blinks. 
  4. On the printer screen, go to the Wi-Fi-protected Setup (WPS) and press the button. 
  5. Go to the router and at the bulk of it presses the WPS button. 
  6. Hold it till the light blinks. 
  7. Wait till both lights stop flashing.
  8. On the printer screen, it will appear “Connection Established”. 

Connect with WPS Pin-

  1. Turn on the printer or re-start if it is already on. 
  2. In the HP printer control panel press the wireless button. 
  3. The blue light will appear. 
  4. Go to Wi-Fi Protected setup and select WPS pin. 
  5. Now a Pin will be generated on the screen. 
  6. The WPS pin stays only for 8-10 seconds. 
  7. Enter the pin on the computer screen. 
  8. The HP Printer gets connected. 

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