Is the Printing Process of Your Brother Printer Slow? 

Follow these steps to solve it right away.

There might be various reasons due to which brother printer is showing a delay in the printing process.

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Few basic steps that can fix slow printing of your brother printer

Printing resolution

  • Check on the duplex tray and back cover to make sure that the back cover is closed correctly.
  • Correctly install the duplex tray.
  • Adjust the printing resolution.
  • The printer takes a long time to print higher print quality, so check the print resolution.
  • Change the driver settings of the printer, which may help in solving the printing issues.

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Steps to fix slow printing with the change of print resolution

Printer Property


For window’s processor

The steps to open printer properties are

  • Open the control panel
  • Select devices and printers option from hardware and sound tab.
  • Select on the printer properties by right-clicking on the brother machine tab.
  • Click on the change properties button, if it exists, before changing the settings.

The steps to choosing printing preferences are:

  • In the settings, printing preferences are available as the direct tab on the printer.
  • Click on choices in the general tab of printer properties.

For Mac processor:

  • All the settings regarding printer are available in the Print dialog box.
  • In applications such as TextEdit, click on print from file option and then chose show details. The print sheet will open up.
  • Select the printing preferences from a list of options for your choice.
  • Save the settings as default settings or save them to preset settings for all or current printer options listed.

The above-said points are to open the printing preferences, following which will open up a pop-up menu.

  • The next step is to choose the resolution.
  • Make sure you select the resolution lower than the previously set one to fasten the printing process.
  • Now close the printing preferences dialog box by clicking on the OK tab.
  • Close the properties dialog box by again clicking on the OK tab.

For Mac users: 

  • First of all, open the print dialog box.
  • A pop-up menu will appear, select the print settings option from the list.
  • Make sure to choose the lower resolution that the previously set one.

Setting the quiet mode

The speed of the printer for its printing process becomes slow when it is in the quiet mode. Due to the default settings, the printer is always in quiet mode. Changing the mode can help to solve the speed issues with the printing process.

The following are the steps to change the settings of the printer from quite mode to normal mode.

  • Close the front cover and plug in the power cord.
  • Wait until the machine gets to the active mode.
  • Choose the general setup option and press OK.
  • Choose quiet mode from the menu and press OK to jump to the further list.
  • Choose the OFF button and then press OK.

Following all the above-said practices can help you to solve the printer issues effectively.

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