Nowadays the requirement of the printer has increased rapidly because most people have started working from home, moreover the printer plays an essential role in the workstation. This is the reason why people need to make sure the printers they are using or want to buy are working with the latest version of the Windows operating system before they upgrade it. 

Since the time it is announced that Windows 11 is launching most of the users are asking if the printers they are having will work with Windows 11 or not. 

This is how you can check- 

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Will My Printer Work With Windows 11?

The direct answer to this question is Yes. Windows 11 will support all the devices that are having compatibility with Windows 11 and Windows 11 has no link with the printer hardware. The only thing needed is the driver which is compatible. 

Now, the question here is how can you check if the printer driver is compatible with your Windows 11 or not? 

Don’t worry. We will help you to clear this doubt. 

If the printer is supported and is compatible with your Windows 10 then it will surely be compatible with your new Windows 11 update as well. 

In simple and easy words we can say that if the printer is working well with Windows 10 without any errors or issues then it will hopefully function well with your Windows 11 too. 

How to Check Your Printer’s Status After Upgrading it to Windows 11?

When you are done with the upgrade part of Windows 11 then you can navigate it to the – 

Settings > Bluetooth and devices > Printers and scanners page to know your printer position.  In any chance your printer will get listed there, then you should click on the Add device button which is there on the same page so that you can add your printer. 

Always note this – the printer should be turned on and also connected to the PC. 

Also, keep checking the printer manufacturers’ websites and installing the new version of the driver. 

You always can go back

If you face any kind of problems with the printer after upgrading it to Windows 11, don’t worry because you still can go back to your previous version i.e Windows 10. The new upgrade of Windows 11 is somehow like having an update in the features of Windows 10 and you can always go back.

You also have one more benefit with you that is you have the time limit of 10 days to properly check and use this new upgrade and make if it is compatible with your printer or not and if not then you can go back to your Windows 10 but within 10 days, if by any chance you exceed the 10 days then, in this case, you have to download the Windows 10 ISO and then start the clean install.

It’s enough that you should know about the compatibility of Windows 11. It’s simple: if your printer is compatible and working fine with Windows 10 then hopefully it will also work fine with your new Windows 11.

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